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Bc. Ondřej Máslo – psychotherapist, social worker

Provided services:

  • Psychotherapy including especially: dealing with and solving difficult family situations, decision proces, self-development and reflection of upbringing in the family, dealing with past traumas, etc.
  • Counseling including areas, in which the families and children are not able to help themselves. The type of counseling exceeds the range of basic counselng provided by the key worker, e.g. specialized social counseling, career counseling and other.
  • Mediation as an instrument for resolving dispures between two parties.
  • Supervision as a space for dealing with and reflecting one’s work, relationships and looking for an optimal solution of handling problematic family situations.

Way of work:

  • With an indivudual – foster parent, child or another family member.
  • With a couple – foster parents, parents, grandparents, siblings.
  • With a group – whole family or persons included.

Tel.: 604 109 594




Šárka Růžičková – therapist

  • A graduate of two-year long therapeutic training Gestalt in 2008.
  • The purpose of the therapy is dealing with various situations in life, from self-development, problems in interpersonal relationships to psychosomatic problems. It also is finishing unresolved processes, relationships and feelings. The course of therapy: therapeutic history, dialogue. Supporting techniques – EFT method, trauma-therapeutic techniques, relaxation techniques ( breathing, visualising ). The length of a consulation is 90 minutes, adult clients only.).
  • Active in social field for over 20 years ( mental hospital in Prague, department of social and legal protection of children and youth in Jablonec nad Nisou, educational and psychologic counseling in Liberec ).

sarka.ruzickova@seznam,.cz, 776100962


Ing. Taťána Blažková – VTI advisor

  • Accredited VTI coach sice 2006
  • Advisor and tutor in interpersonal communication

„Sometimes it is extremely difficult to raise children. Maybe you feel tired and helpless. Maybe you just don’t know what to do in certain situations regarding upbringing the entrusted children. Although your situation seems difficult or even unsolvable, a videotraining of interactions can help open new ways of solutions. Try to embark on them with your VTI advisor. Through small, very concrete steps you can achieve a gradual change and enjoy a common contact with the child.“

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PhDr. et Mgr. Radka Kulhánková, Ph.D. – psychological counseling and diagnostics

Counseling and consulting in the field of education, upbringing, sport and understanding of one’s self.

Area: working with adults, children, families


  • Personality diagnosis
  • Upbringing of children in families
  • School readiness
  • Classroom diagnostics, intervention programs
  • Choice of high school and university
  • Sport diagnostics